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Season 4 Episode 22

We finally made it! The final episode of of CatAList season 4 is here! Stay tuned to watch every great CatAList tv show on probably the most exciting episode yet. Relive the glory days on Oh My Goonie; Missed all the fashion at the CatAMy Awards, don't fret, the Fashion Sheriff Griffin Wynn is here to update you on all the trends; On this week's Artless, we turn the focus to our host Courtney Jones and her dancing career; learn how skateboarding becomes one of this student's greatest ways to express himself on Expressions with Nina Carlin; See who won the big awards at the CatAMy Awards; chat about the ASOC Senate with Enoch Sowa; Jump inside Rayman Origins on The Go Show; Learn how to make an Origami Swan on DIY; and finally, check out the student short called Tower 2 by filmmaker Brian Robbins. Huge thanks to everyone who made Season 4 the best season yet. We can only get better!