Catalist Mission

CatAList — Occidental College Television broadcasts a weekly variety of eclectic and relevant entertainment, news, and opinion to Occidental students, staff, and alumni. We provide rising filmmakers, designers, performers, and artists with a highly visible platform to showcase their talents.We are committed to working with all facets of the Occidental community in order to promote a sense of awareness, equality and understanding through the entertaining and inspiring medium of television.

The Catalist Story

CatAList started as an idea during the fall of 2009 in Occidental’s Braun Hall when freshmen Rafael Cortina and Daniel Watson were disappointed that the school had no extracurricular outlets on campus for budding filmmakers.

Over the next few months the two proactive media enthusiasts received feedback about the idea of establishing a weekly campus television network. With the student body on their side, Raffy and Dan produced a fifteen minute pilot episode and presented it to the Occidental community. After an incredibly warm reception from students, faculty and the board of trustees, Dan and Raffy prepared for the official launch on September 20th, 2010.

Currently CatAList airs a new episode every academic week online and maintains viewing stations in the Tiger Cooler, the MyOxy homepage and the entrance to the Mary Norton Clapp Library. The network’s staff has grown from 2 to 45 in a remarkably short amount of time, producing upwards of twenty regular segments with no shortage of entertainment. In April 2011, we applied to become an official Student Media Service beginning in the fall. Thanks to overwhelming support from students, faculty and staff CatAList was approved by the community and is sure to continue producing quality content for years to come.

Meet Our staff

Emma Gerch

Head of Production

Emma Gerch is a senior Sociology major (Film minor) who started her film career as the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creative director of a local access variety show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When not holed up in the CatAList office, she enjoys Irish dancing, plotting revolution, and drinking soy lattes.

Isaac Tovares

Creative Director

Jake Kahane

Programming & Marketing Director

When he’s not meticulously Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and everything else in betweening, you can find Jake Kahane ripping twine on the lax field or shamelessly procrastinating in the Green Bean. When he misses his dogs, he is a short drive to the west side of Los Angeles where he was born and raised. This year Jake is looking to build some strong relationships as well as putting a sweet sounding title on his résumé. Insert edgy quote here.

Ryan Rambach


Ryan Rambach grew up in Ashland, Oregon—home to the internationally renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ryan’s interest in film started when he was 11 years old when he made his first movie using his father’s Hi8 video camera. After screening a few of his films at the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) in Ashland, Oergon, Ryan was appointed to the festival’s advisory committee where he undertook the task of helping to coordinate AIFF’s student film program.

Erin Kim


Cullen Parr

Graphic Designer & Animator

Cullen Parr is an artist and animator from Chicago, Illinois. He has been with CatAList since he was a Freshman, first as the creator for the show Helix and then taking up the role of graphic designer. Entranced with art from a young age, Cullen is known to dive recklessly into creative projects and plans to do that fully over the next year as he develops his senior thesis film. On the side, he looks forward to being the old crusty guy at the Network Staff table and inspiring the next generation of Oxy's media artists. Some of his influences can be found here, here, and here.

Jane Lim

Commercial Director

Jane Lim is a junior Media Arts & Culture major. She has worked as an intern for various television networks. With her passion and interest in film, she aims to gain knowledge and experience in the film industry. She also spends her time in making song covers and uploading them on YouTube.

Marshall Trautman

Web Designer

Marshall is a Pretty cool guy. He enjoys geology, scuba diving, and backpacking

Tyler Ollanik

Network Composer

Nick DeBellis

Assistant Creative Director

Nate Stern

Assistant Graphic Designer

Kathleen McKenzie

Assistant Commercial Director